Our Plants

Direct from the grower to you

We take pride in delivering you the freshest plants possible. Our plants have not been sitting in a retail centre for long periods. They have not been left in wholesale markets where they may not receive sufficient light. We believe the wholesale grower is the best person to look after plants until they are ready to be planted. They are delivered fresh weekly - either direct from the grower, or if your order is from multiple growers, they will be delivered to us and compiled within 48 hours and then delivered to you.

Plant Promise

If you are not satisafied with the quality of our plants, or they are just not what you expected, contact us within 24 hours of receival, and we will find a replacement or refund you for these plants.

Due to the nature of living plants, claims must be made within 24 hours and may need to be watered prior to them being picked up for return.

Plant pictures on the website

Plant photographs are not of the actual stock you will receive unless stated. Plant batches do vary, but in most cases the photo is representative of the size of the plant you will receive. Grower Direct staff will pick the best plants available to fill your order. You will be notified prior to delivery if plants are outside the normal size parameters and given the option of accepting the stock or not.

There are however batches of plants and specimen trees that are the actual plants in the photo. This will be clearly stated.

Please Note: at various times of the year, plants can vary considerably. For example with roses the size of them will vary throughout the year. In winter they will have no leaves, and new seasons stock may not have extensive roots. In summer and autumn, they will be well rooted and on some occasions in flower.


We will take the plants up to 30 metres from our vehicle. Further than this may incur a fee. If no-one is available to receive the plants, we will place them either where you instructed in a protected and inconspicuous position.

Post Delivery Plant Care

Plants should be checked upon arrival to see if they need to be watered. This is of partiucular importance on windy and or hot days. We recommend planting as soon as possible. If plants can't be planted for a few days, put them in a protected area, slightly spaced. Check daily for watering.

The plants you receive will be at the peak of health - usually, the longer you hold them before planting, the less happy they will be.